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2 free bottles if you order 12 or more bottles

Olive Oil prices

53.90 euros for a box of 6 bottles including vat  (8.98 euros per bottle)

107.80 euros for a box of 12 bottles including vat 

Normal price = 10.78 euros per bottle. Prices do not include Packaging or delivery (see below). 

Packaging & Delivery prices

- 6 bottles to the UK:    53.40 euros (= 8.90 euros per bottle).

- 12 bottles to the UK: 75.04 euros (= 6.25 euros per bottle)

- 6 bottles to the USA:  130.57 euros  

- 12 bottles to the USA: 163.02 euros

All packages delivered securely to your door by courier (and insured).

NB: all delivery prices include vat and are estimated costs. Prices to most other European countries are similar to the UK. Please contact us to get a confirmed price quote for your address.


"Limited edition, Autumn Harvest" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Casa Olea is located half way between Priego de Cordoba and Baena, two of Spain’s finest olive oil denomination regions - an area where olives and the olive harvest remains a fundamental part of everyday community life..

100 trees, 100% Natural…

For the first time in 2012, we created our very own “Limited Edition Autumn Harvest” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the 100 olive trees on our finca, some of which are 300-plus years old! Our crop is the “first pick” of the olives in the area which, depending on the year and harvest, produces around 2500 kilos of olives, equivalent to approx 500 litres of the finest Spanish olive oil.

The olives are cold pressed at our local mill (2km from our finca) on the same day they are picked and then stored in a huge stainless steel, temperature-controlled vat to be bottled on demand for us - thus keeping the oil as fresh as possible. We are proud that our olive oil is 100% Natural as we have never used any fertilizers or pesticides on our land since we bought it back in 2004.

This exclusive olive oil is limited to only 1770 bottles in total (2012 & 2013 harvests); harvested by hand on slopes of up to 70 degrees, produced and bottled at source in the village cooperative olive mill, with direct benefit to the local farmers.

Why Blue?

The experts use blue tasting glasses when grading the best olive oils. The colour of the oil is not representative of the quality and should not distract you from the key sensory analysis – flavours and aromas. The cobalt blue glass bottle protects and preserves the oil best, as high quality olive oils should never be exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

Did you know?

Andalucia’s finest olive oils were highly prized by ancient Rome’s emperors and cultured citizens, with a staggering 4 million gallons exported each year from Baética (Andalucia) to the imperial capital. Made in Andalucia – the gourmet choice for almost 2000 years!

How to pick olives

The olive harvest in Andalucia takes place in the winter, from November to March, depending on the area, weather and olive variety. There are hundreds of varieties of olives, with the Picudo and Hojiblanca varieties being the first to fruit in this area and producing the stronger, more flavoursome extra virgin olive oil.

As a general rule - the earlier in the harvest you pick the olives, the higher the quality of oil produced but with a lower volume; while the later you pick, the more oil you get but it tends to be of a lesser quality. This explains why the “Autumn harvest” is regarded as the highest quality of all Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Currently, this limited-edition olive oil is only available to buy at Casa Olea. We can only arrange shipment of boxes of 6 or 12 bottles within Europe (not less than 6 bottles). Please contact us for further details.

Price: 10.78 euros including vat for a 500ml bottle.

Packing and shipment charged extra.

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"One of the best olive oils in Spain…?" We think so!